Rooting HCL ME X1 Tablet, Flashing CWM5 and Installing Android Market

Hi Guys,

This is a short tutorial on how to get root, flash Clockworkmod 5 and install Android Market.

Before going into the tutorial, here is a short list of things required for them to work.

  1. A fully working PC
  2. HCL ME X1 drivers –(Need to download HCL ME PC Connect Software)
  3. Android SDK for ADB
  4. SuperOneRoot (latest) (Please google for it)
  5. Terminal Emulator (
  6. Clockworkmod 5 (
  7. Android Market 3.1.5 (flashable zip file) (


First install the HCL ME Connect software into the PC. Plug in your X1 device and let windows detect the drivers(the ME Connect software must be installed before). HCL requires you to contact their service centre to register the device to get access to the Me Connect Software(WTF). Next, (Assuming Android SDK is in the PC) Run SuperOneClick from your PC. After a few minutes your device will be successfully rooted and you’ll have SuperUser app installed. Next install the Terminal Emulator software. Then download the Clockworkmod recovery image for Coby Kyros MID 7022. Load the image into SDCard.

Follow the youtube link for instructions on how to flash clockworkmod.

Type the following commands in Terminal Emulator (<Enter> refers to enter command)

Su <Enter>

Flash_image recovery /sdcard/recovery.img <Enter>

If everything goes well, Clockworkmod 5 is flashed on to your device.

Again type the following command to check whether CWM5 is properly flashed.

    Reboot recovery <Enter>

Once you are rebooted into CWM Recovery, install the android market zip file.

Reboot your device and voila you have Root, CWM Recovery and Android Market installed.

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Sucker Punch – my movie review.

Sucker Punch, a brilliant movie. So, what makes sucker punch a brilliant movie? Is it the Pop song like intro sequence? Or the brilliant story telling combined with spectacular visual style? Or is it because if the heroin and support cast’s boob gracious outfits? No, it is the success of the director to weave a compelling screenplay out of a simple story. Believe in yourself! You are the key to your success and others around you. If the story had progressed with the mental asylum as backdrop then it would have become another “Shutter Island”.   First, Sucker Punch is a difficult movie to put in words. The creativity of the director and his team is seen everywhere. A brothel to mental asylum and fight sequences for dance set pieces. The movie throws in everything at you. Chaingun wielding Samurais to dog fight between a dragon and a WWII fighter plane to steam powered Nazi zombies to fighting robots in slow motion in a fast moving train with a big bomb. The correlation between the imaginations and real world is awesome. Something like Inception taking taking place in imaginations. A imagination inside an imagination. The movie style is heavily drawn from Japanese Manga which makes it more awesome.

At the end of the day, i was thoroughly entertained and mesmerized. Two thumbs up.

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A Brainwave, Finally…………….

Let me start my blog with few questions,

What would you call a GUY with a good job in Singapore, no family commitments, no loan on his head, a 8.5 point grade from an International University , an overprotective family, a good understanding boss as? Lucky Chap? Settled? Achiever?

Feeling low? What do you do when you are depressed?

Why am i asking you all this?

Last week, i was feeling miserable about my life. Feeling lost and lonely, was spiraling down the hole of depression.

Ask any Psychiatrist, they will tell you to divert and isolate yourself from the problem. Do something that interests you. Whats that had to do with this blog. Wait, i’m coming to that point. If you take a look at the Column “About Myself”, you will come to know that my interests are in movies, painting and games. On an average, i watch around 6 movies per week, that is around one movie a day. Out of the seven, 1 movie in Cineplex. Movies excite me, rejuvenates me, revitalises me. In short, it makes me happy. If i love movies so much, know about it in the process, why not write about it? Writing about something you like can be a real stress buster.

Its only during the small stroll to my room from the theater today, i had self-realisation and a brainwave, finally…………….

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